Pietra Fina Presents:
 "Quarried Just For You!"
Bold Moves With Stone

September 2006

- A Different Look: The Loring Project, featuring the Iron Red.   
- Featured Designer: Valentina Interiors & Design   
- New Trends. Timeless Look.: The Kelly Project  
- Tips From The Trade by Sean Kelly  
A Different look:  

Roughly eight months ago, Mr. & Mrs. Loring came to Pietra Fina to begin their search for the perfect stone.  Their vision was a to create a contemporary fireplace that would be the focal point of their living room, while sticking to the idea of having a cayan red accent wall to compliment their furniture pieces.  What they found was the Iron Red... an amazing granite that that said it all.  Iron Red is a bold granite from Brazil which carries iron and subtle quartz veins.  Because the Lorings had already ordered their steel "evolution" mantle (Kolkka Furniture), the iron in the Iron Red caught the eyes of both Mr. & Mrs. Loring.  The deep red hues in the Iron Red compliment the color of the accent wall and the off white quartz creates an elegant appeal... contrasting to the bold masculine structure of the stone.  All in all... the stone fit perfectly for their project.  Fabricator: Marin Marble (San Rafael, CA). Designer: Bethe Cohen Design & Associates. 



Valentina Interiors & Designs

Valentina Cirasola is an Italian-born designer.  Her career as a fashion designer began in Italy.  After working in the fashion industry for some years, Valentina switched to architecture and interior designing.  Now, she has been a builder-designer for 16 years and gives a helping hand to Bay area clients build their dream castles.

Interior Designer
1292 Sandia Ave.
Sunnyvale, Ca 94089
Tel. 408-732-9782 -Voice 650-346-6349 -Fax 408-732-9753
E-mail: Valentinadesigns@comcast.net
Website: www.Valentinadesigns.com
Project: His & Her Baths; His Bath (left images)
Material used: Iron Red
Designer: Valentina – Interiors & Designs
Cabinetmaker: Joe D’Ambra
Stone Fabricator:  Clervi Marble Co.
Contractor: Russell Jackson Construction
Location: Foster City

  I was contracted to design a kitchen for a new client.  During the interview with them, I noticed that the kitchen ceiling was too low for them, who were very tall.  The new kitchen concept I designed and presented to them included a raised ceiling, which they heartily agreed to and construction began.  The clients were encouraged with how progress was made and decided to remodel two bathrooms of their home which were outdated, dingy and tiny.  However, the wife did not want to merge both bathrooms into one but wanted a separate his and her bathrooms, although a little bigger.  Skylights were added and new lighting system designed.  To make the bathrooms bigger, I had to take space from the adjacent library and the atrium.  (The smaller atrium later became the music room.)  Looking around the house, I realized that it was filled with beautiful, curvy and shapely antique furniture and that whimsical, playful design was all over the place.  My objective was to re-create this style in the bathrooms instead of the regular “shoe box” cabinetry.  The “his bath” was designed with a gray curvilinear piece of furniture in one corner, thus giving more floor space in the bathroom.  The counter slab, purchased at Pietra Fina, used was “Iron Red” – a stunning natural formation of iron and copper quarried in Brazil – sits on top of the “hare wood” cabinet from England.  The wrought iron lights, set onto the mirror, are the perfect combination for the slab.  Master Ebonist Guiseppe D’Ambra is the maker of the stunning cabinet and Clervi is the stone fabricator from San Francisco.

Project: His & Her Baths; Her Bath (right images)
Material used: Giallo Sienna & Jerusalem Gold Tiles
Designer: Valentina – Interiors & Designs
Cabinetmaker: Joe D’Ambra
Stone Fabricator:  Clervi Marble Co.
Contractor: Russell Jackson Construction
Location: Foster City

  The wife’s bathroom took on a different look because she wanted a Jacuzzi tub not just a shower stall.  I envisioned a Roman-style bath where she could take long, relaxing and leisure baths.  We purchased the wonderful Giallo Siena Marble at Pietra Fina that set the tone for the whole design.  The translucency of this traditional marble gives the unusual effect of back lighting.  The Jacuzzi tub is surrounded with diagonal line backsplash made entirely of Giallo Siena with an inset of the typical Roman design scrolls made of tumbled marble mosaics.  The slab counter on the tub was repeated in Giallo Siena marble and the backsplash and mirror continued the design of the tub.  To “frame” the tub, I set a large mirror encased in Giallo Siena marble, enclosed it by an alcove with pot lights and added two decorative Honduras Mahogany corbels on each side of the mirror, on the adjacent wall.  The overall effect is luxurious, warm and relaxing.  Another slab of Giallo Siena sits atop the beautiful Pomele Sapele wood cabinet.  The floor is laid with 16” x 16” “Jerusalem Gold” tiles.  The pendant lights on each side of the mirror set the elegant and yet relaxing ambience.  The cabinet, again, was done by Guiseppe D’Ambra and the marble was fabricated by Clervi Marble Company.

New Trend Merged with Timeless style:  


Sean Kelly, co-owner of Lamperti Kitchens (www.lampertikitchens.com), and his family decided to remodel their kitchen with new countertops and cabinets.  They began their search knowing what they wanted, that is, they wanted to continue the rustic theme in their kitchen too.  They came to Pietra Fina looking for something unique and were instantly drawn to the Juparana Victoria with the antique finish.  However, they were in a quandary as to what to do with their kitchen table.  They did not want it to have the same texture as the countertops.  To fix this dilemma, they honed another polished slab of Juparana Victoria that had a similar grain as the antiqued batch and voila! came up with the perfect solution.  The Juparana Victoria antique finish countertop brought in the rustic look throughout their home into their kitchen.

Fabricator: Sterner Marble & Tile (Richmond, CA).  General Contractor/Kitchen Design: Lamperti Contracting Design.
Lamperti Contracting & Design specializes in designing, remodeling and building kitchens and baths.  Moreover, they offer complete custom remodeling of your home, i.e., adding rooms, second stories or any other designs or modifications.  Lamperti has been providing has been providing high quality service, and craftsmanship to Bay Area homeowners since 1965. 1241 Anderson Drive
San Rafael, CA 94901
T: 415.454.1623
F. 415.454.2385

Tip#1: Ensure that the contractor’ s license and insurance are current.  Inquire about the contractor’s reliability from others who have used his services and verify his references.

Tip#2: The project’s progress and expense will depend more on your relationship with the contractor.

Tip#3: Make the most of a kitchen designer’s expertise especially in space planning. - Sean Kelly, Co-Owner Lamperti Kitchens.

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